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  • Airfield Management and Air Terminal Operations
  • Civil Engineering / A&E Design and Delivery
  • Facilities Operations, Maintenance, and Repair
  • Fire Emergency Services
  • Food Services
  • Medical Clinic and Health Services
  • Non-Secure Communications Management
  • Pavement and Grounds Maintenance
  • Power Production and Distribution
  • Quality, Environmental and Safety Management
  • Recreation and Community Services
  • Supply Chain Management and Warehouse Operations
  • Transportation Management
  • Vehicle Operations and Maintenance
  • Water Port Operations
Airfield Management and Air Terminal Operations.
The Thule Air Base/Pituffik Airport (IATA: THU, ICAO: BGTL) is located 750 miles (1,210 km) north of the Arctic Circle and 947 miles (1,524 km) from the North Pole. Vectrus Services A/S provides all airfield management for the 10,000-foot (3,000 m) runway, airfield maintenance, and air terminal operations.
Civil Engineering / A&E Design and Delivery.
Vectrus Services A/S provides civil engineering/A&E design, and delivery for Thule AB. Approximately 97% of the buildings on Thule AB were constructed between 1952 and 1959, with associated condition challenges due to aging, extreme temperatures, and permafrost locations.
Facilities Operations, Maintenance, and Repair.
Vectrus Services A/S provides facility operations, maintenance, and repair for 400 buildings/structures (including an airfield and pier) and building systems infrastructure across 2,600 acres and three operating locations. Fire Emergency Services. Our certified and trained firefighter and emergency medical service personnel provide fire and emergency protection to the base and its tenant units. Food Services. Vectrus Services A/S operates three dining facilities (Dundas Buffet Restaurant, BMEWS, and Hilltop Dining Hall), a food warehouse, and a bakery.
Medical Clinic and Health Services.
We staff outpatient services for primary care and preventive health services, diagnostic care, and treatment for ambulatory patients. Non-Secure Communications Management. We operate the telephone service systems and switchboard, in addition to providing other essential communications and associated devices.
Pavement and Grounds Maintenance.
We specialize in maintaining pavements and ground in Arctic and permafrost conditions.
Power Production and Distribution.
The Thule Defense Area is heated mainly by steam. Vectrus Services A/S performs all operation and maintenance of critical utilities systems, including the steam infrastructure, five exhaust boilers, and generators.
Quality, Environmental and Safety Management.
The Thule Defense Area covers approximately 254 square miles, most of which constitutes unimproved acreage (including tundra, permafrost, and arctic-desert land conditions). We perform all activities in an environmentally sound manner that preserves and protects the fragile Thule environment, to the fullest extent possible. We ensure the safety of Thule AB and its contractor personnel.
Recreation and Community Services.
We plan, schedule, organize, and conduct recreational and competitive events, including First Light and 4th of July Festivals.
Supply Chain Management and Warehouse Operations.
Our supply chain management relies on Pacer Goose and US-chartered cargo ships to resupply Thule with bulk cargo, replacement vehicles, and out-sized cargo and the warehouses and container yards to house this equipment. Our sealift resupply plan focuses on the thorough identification and prioritization of the annual requirements (reflected on the US Cargo Ship Manifest) and detailed ongoing coordination with all vendors, suppliers, and agencies that must meet the sealift shipping schedule. Our airlift transportation coordinator at Joint Base McGuire-Dix-Lakehurst plays a critical role in this process.
Transportation Management.
We manage transportation and shipping requirements—from equipment to personnel — by way of the Thule Air Base/Pituffik Airport airport and seaport. Vehicle Operations and Maintenance. We operate and maintain a fleet of approximately 500 general purpose and specialty vehicles modified for the Arctic environment. Our trained and certified staff operates a successful vehicle lease and taxi dispatch program for Thule Air Base permanent party and seasonal visitors.
Water Port Operations.
Thule AB contains the world’s most northern deep water port. Vectrus Services A/S provides complete port operations (including stevedore services, crane operations, lashing/unlashing, container loading/offloading, and tug boat services) for the port, which annually receives cargo and tanker ships from locations such as the United States, Canada, Greenland, Denmark, and Germany. In 2020, our experienced team averted a crisis by responding to a distress call from a commercial ship. Vectrus Services A/S contractors rescued the six crew members and towed the ship to the Thule seaport for emergency repairs.

Vectrus Services A/S provides integrated, cost-effective support solutions for complex operational requirements

Vectrus Services A/S Base Maintenance Contract (BMC) for Thule Air Base, Greenland, provides seamless and effective operations, maintenance, and support for the Arctic region of Greenland and requires a specific combination of knowledge and skills due the specific mission requirements and extreme weather conditions in this region. Our efforts are carried out by a dedicated workforce consisting of Danish (89%) and Greenlandic (10%) employees.

The BMC also has the privilege to support third-party contractors performing work at Thule and agencies such as the National Science Foundation (NSF), Smithsonian Institution, and NASA, as well as Danish and Canadian military operations. Our work extends to the development of Greenlandic youth in our Apprenticeship Program and supporting or hosting events in cooperation with the 821st Air Base Group that includes the Greenlandic villagers in the Northern Arctic area.

Thule Facility and Logistics Services:

  • Base civil engineering support including facilities maintenance and operations; engineering support; space and energy management; environmental, fire and emergency response; pavement and grounds support for road maintenance, snow removal and river bed management, and non-secure communications supporting internet and other communications systems
  • Airfield management including airfield maintenance; transient alert and aircraft servicing including onload and offload of personnel and cargo; fuel services; airfield crash-rescue and emergency services; aerospace ground equipment maintenance and air traffic control and landing equipment maintenance
  • Logistics management support including logistics expediter services at McGuire Air Base, New Jersey; seasonal port operations; procurement of supplies and services; Contractor Operated Supply Store (COSS) management, warehousing operations, vehicle fleet management and maintenance and fuels storage, and distribution and maintenance services
  • Community services including dining facility management and operations; housing management and janitorial services; fitness center management including bowling and fitness programs; morale, welfare, and recreational services; community theater and library management; photography and numerous hobby and recreational activities including guided All-Terrain Vehicle (ATV) and hiking tours

Vectrus Services A/S, is a Danish company, registered in accordance with Danish laws, rules and requirements as a limited liability company. If you have questions or would like to contact our Denmark office, please contact Thule BMC Program Director William Womack.

Thule Apprenticeship Program

Vectrus Services A/S (VS) efforts in Greenland include working with the Greenlandic Education Authority to support a few different initiatives with the Northern Greenland population including school visits, base visitations by school attendees, and the Apprenticeship Program. The Apprenticeship Program allows VS to support the continuing education of Greenlandic students wishing to learn specific trades, skill sets, and life skills in a secure living environment.

Annually, VS participates in Education Fairs held throughout Greenland with Margrethe Poulsen, VS Apprentice Supervisor, who travels to several locations to promote our Apprenticeship Program at Thule. In 2019, Margrethe’s travels included stops in Illulissat, Aasiaat, Sisimuit and concluded in Nuuk. Margrethe was able to meet with students and family members presenting our program at Thule to include specifics about job opportunities, working and living conditions, and recreational and outdoor opportunities in the Arctic region.

VS currently has 9 apprentices on staff at Thule working in the areas of Site Support (Clerks), Dining Facilities (Chefs and Catering), Vehicle Maintenance (Auto or Heavy Equipment Mechanics) and Logistics (Warehouseman). VS is currently recruiting for the program in 2020 since we have successfully graduated several students over the past two years and therefore are seeking to increase our student population and continued support of the program. This year, we are looking to bring on an additional 5 apprentices with the goal of sustaining 15 apprentices on our Thule Program with a focus on students from the Northern Greenland Arctic Region.

VS trained the apprentices listed below during their employment with the company and subsequently graduated them from the program. Apprentices have the option to remain employed at VS after graduation if there’s a position that aligns with their skill set.

Craft, Trade, Skill Apprenticeship Opportunities
Construction Machinery Mechanic 2 positions authorized
Electronic Technician 1 positions authorized
Chef 4 positions authorized
Heavy Equipment Operator 2 positions authorized
Office Assistant 2 positions authorized
Auto Mechanic 2 positions authorized
Chef 4 positions authorized
Gastronomassistant 4 positions authorized
Terminal Worker 2 positions authorized
Warehouse Operator 1 positions authorized
  • Heavy Equipment Mechanic - Graduated 2017
  • Office Assistant - Graduated 2017
  • Nutrition Assistant - Graduated 2018
  • Office Assistant - Graduated 2018
  • Nutrition Assistant - Graduated 2018
  • Heavy Equipment Operator - Graduated 2018
  • Heavy Equipment Operator - Graduated 2018
  • Mechanic - Graduated 2018
  • Heavy Equipment Operator - Graduated 2019
  • Heavy Equipment Operator - Graduated 2019

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