Vectrus Services A/S


  • Airfield Management and Air Terminal Operations
  • Civil Engineering / A&E Design and Delivery
  • Facilities Operations, Maintenance, and Repair
  • Fire Emergency Services
  • Food Services
  • Medical Clinic and Health Services
  • Non-Secure Communications Management
  • Pavement and Grounds Maintenance
  • Power Production and Distribution
  • Quality, Environmental and Safety Management
  • Recreation and Community Services
  • Supply Chain Management and Warehouse Operations
  • Transportation Management
  • Vehicle Operations and Maintenance
  • Water Port Operations

Vectrus Services A/S provides integrated, cost-effective support solutions for complex operational requirements

Vectrus’ Base Maintenance Contract (BMC) for Thule Air Base, Greenland, provides seamless and effective operations, maintenance, and support for the Arctic region of Greenland and requires a specific combination of knowledge and skills due the specific mission requirements and extreme weather conditions in this region. Our efforts are carried out by a dedicated workforce consisting of Danish (89%) and Greenlandic (10%) employees.

The BMC also has the privilege to support third-party contractors performing work at Thule and agencies such as the National Science Foundation (NSF), Smithsonian Institution, and NASA, as well as Danish and Canadian military operations. Our work extends to the development of Greenlandic youth in our Apprenticeship Program and supporting or hosting events in cooperation with the 821st Air Base Group that includes the Greenlandic villagers in the Northern Arctic area.

Thule Facility and Logistics Services:

Vectrus Services A/S, is a Danish company, registered in accordance with Danish laws, rules and requirements as a limited liability company. If you have questions or would like to contact our Denmark office, please contact Thule BMC Program Director William Womack.

Thule Apprenticeship Program

Vectrus Services (VS) efforts in Greenland include working with the Greenlandic Education Authority to support a few different initiatives with the Northern Greenland population including school visits, base visitations by school attendees, and the Apprenticeship Program. The Apprenticeship Program allows VS to support the continuing education of Greenlandic students wishing to learn specific trades, skill sets, and life skills in a secure living environment.

Annually, VS participates in Education Fairs held throughout Greenland with Margrethe Poulsen, VS Apprentice Supervisor, who travels to several locations to promote our Apprenticeship Program at Thule. In 2019, Margrethe’s travels included stops in Illulissat, Aasiaat, Sisimuit and concluded in Nuuk. Margrethe was able to meet with students and family members presenting our program at Thule to include specifics about job opportunities, working and living conditions, and recreational and outdoor opportunities in the Arctic region.

Vectrus Services currently has 9 apprentices on staff at Thule working in the areas of Site Support (Clerks), Dining Facilities (Chefs and Catering), Vehicle Maintenance (Auto or Heavy Equipment Mechanics) and Logistics (Warehouseman). Vectrus Services is currently recruiting for the program in 2020 since we have successfully graduated several students over the past two years and therefore are seeking to increase our student population and continued support of the program. This year, we are looking to bring on an additional 5 apprentices with the goal of sustaining 15 apprentices on our Thule Program with a focus on students from the Northern Greenland Arctic Region.

Vectrus Services A/S trained the apprentices listed below during their employment with the company and subsequently graduated them from the program. Apprentices have the option to remain employed at Vectrus after graduation if there’s a position that aligns with their skill set.


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